COVID-19 Situation in Bangkok

Due to COVID19 situation and Government/BKK Announcement, TEC has set the Work From Home protocol to our staff. During this period (23 Mar to 12 April 2020), email communication is our main communication. However, if there is any verbal discussion required, please feel free to contact our general office number +66 2 252 5500. We will keep monitoring the situation and will provide an updated announcement again.

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" We are the first Thai actuarial consulting firm
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We strive to provide global quality services and professional support throughout our commitment.Our wide range of actuarial consulting services includes:

TAS19 | IAS19 | FASB ASC715 | TFRS2 - Employee Benefits Actuarial Valuation

Demand for employee benefits actuarial valuation in accordance with TAS19 /IAS19/FASB ASC715/TFRS2 has been increasing in Thailand. Not only large sized companies, but also SMEs are now…

Insurance Consulting

Our actuarial expertise combining with our global actuarial consulting network (GLOBACS/APACS) enables us to offer various actuarial consulting solutions upon business needs or regulatory requirements.

Other Services

In addition to actuarial consulting solutions, we do provide other consulting services related to employee benefits e.g. long-term benefit plan design, employee benefits harmonization review…

Who we are

T eam Excellence Consulting is the first independent Thai actuarial consulting firm managed by qualified actuary (FSA), established in 2008.

With more than 20 years of experience in actuarial field, we understand local needs the most. We, our actuary and experienced consultants, strive to provide global quality services and bring the most out of our knowledge and profession to support our valued clients.

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  • We provide independent advice.
  • We truly understand local needs.
  • We provide high professional and international standard of services.
  • We work closely with clients as a team in a cooperative way.

“Global quality, with local touch”

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